Reduce your heating costs & carbon footprint by 20-40%

viboo brings predictive algorithms to any smart thermostat. It learns how your building behaves and reduces the heating demand by looking into the future. 

We have secured CHF 1.5 million in seed funding!

How we save 20-40% of energy in a building

1. Connecting smart thermostats to viboo's cloud

viboo connects to numerous smart thermostat models already. For buildings with traditional manual thermostats, the replacement takes a few minutes and can be coordinated through our experienced installation partners. 

2. Understanding the thermal behaviour

Within two weeks, our algorithms autonomously learn the thermal behaviour of each room, including the impact of walls and windows, and the impact of the weather on your room temperatures.

3. Saving energy & improving comfort with prediction and optimization

viboo saves energy by using your desired comfort level, the weather forecast and the learnt thermal behaviour to optimally keep your rooms at the right level by looking into the future. This results in lower energy use and higher comfort level. 

Generating real impact

Männedorf Municipality's Step Towards Energy Efficiency

In collaboration with the municipality of Männedorf, viboo conducted a project within the local school. Focused on both sustainability and practicality, the existing thermostats were updated with smart ones in a few hours. viboo’s algorithms reduced the heat consumption by 27%. This real-world application demonstrates how thoughtful integration of technology can lead to meaningful energy conservation without altering daily comfort. For a detailed insight into this project, feel free to explore the full case study. 

31% Heating Cost Reduction in Dübendorf.

At the Empa Campus in Dübendorf, viboo’s technology was integrated with 140 Smart  Thermostats. After operation for two heating periods, the project achieved a 31% reduction in heating energy consumption utilizing viboo’s Self-Learning Predictive Control. The reduction was accomplished without compromising predetermined comfort conditions. The result translates to annual savings of 29,000 kWh in heating energy, and significant CO2-equivalent emissions reduction.

Start saving with your commercial building

Your light commercial building likely consumes 20-40% more energy than it should. If you interested in saving heating costs and CO2 emissions, while increasing comfort for your occupants, please get in touch with our sales team. Our projects usually achieve a RoI within 2-5 years.

About us

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and researchers from the Empa and ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Viboo is on a mission to redefine building energy efficiency. At the heart of our success is our proprietary Self-Learning Predictive Control Technology.

By learning the thermal behaviour of spaces and optimising temperature control by looking into the future , viboo’s technology reduces energy consumption by 20-40% without compromising comfort. Proven both in research projects and in various successful customer cases, our innovative approach offers tangible savings in both costs and environmental impact.

Join us in pioneering a smarter, more sustainable living experience.

“The building sector needs to tackle emissions, especially from already existing buildings. Our cloud-based and lightweight algorithms empower building efficiency, reducing energy consumption by up to 40% at an ROI of fewer than three years.”

- Felix Bünning