Building intelligence, empowering efficiency

viboo offers self-learning predictive control on the basis of physics-informed Machine Learning as a cloud service for smart-thermostat and building automation systems.

20-40% less energy and improved thermal comfort

compared to state of industry controllers.

1-2 weeks of training time

compared to multiple months with pure Machine Learning methods.

Ready for demand response

due to computationally efficient predictive control algorithms.

Self-learning control...

Our algorithms learn the thermal behavior of a building in one to two weeks based on collected data. Our model predicts a building’s temperature evolution for the next couple of hours, considering several factors such as the weather forecast and occupant preferences. This for example optimizes energy consumption because solar gains can be anticipated, and heating is lowered predictively before a room overheats. Also lowering room temperatures at night can be integrated easily, because the algorithm predicts when it needs to start heating again. We improve the efficiency of all kinds of buildings – even old offices and private homes – by 20-40%, while improving comfort. a cloud service

Buildings account for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption. Existing buildings offer significant untapped potential for energy savings as they are the majority and often have a high heating demand. Heating and cooling systems in almost all of these buildings are controlled via room thermostats or thermostatic valves. Unfortunately, even smart thermostats often cannot make the right decisions as underlying control principles rely on heuristics or simple feedback principles.

We’ve developed a Predictive Control as a Service platform (PCaaS), empowering smart thermostats to actually be intelligent. By connecting to our cloud, you can bring viboo’s Self-Learning Predictive Control to your thermostat or BMS.

But we don’t stop here. We’re aiming to fully integrate buildings into the energy sector to reduce demand peaks or maximize the consumption of renewables. Buildings will provide demand-side response services, help to shave energy peaks and be connected to various smart devices. We’re providing the energy efficiency platform for all buildings.

About Us

viboo AG is a spin-off company by researchers of the Urban Energy Systems Lab at Empa and the Automatic Control Lab at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. We are experienced entrepreneurs in the building energy domain and have worked in world-leading labs in the areas of building energy systems, automatic control, and machine learning in Aachen, Berkeley and Zürich.

Our partners

“The building sector needs to tackle emissions, especially from already existing buildings. Our cloud-based and lightweight algorithms empower building efficiency, reducing energy consumption by up to 40% at an ROI of fewer than three years.”

- Felix Bünning