There is a climate crisis and an energy security crisis. We have a tool to help mitigate them.

About us

Our co-founders are serial entrepreneurs in the area of building energy and researchers with backgrounds in building energy, control systems and machine learning. We have worked at world-leading labs in the area of automatic control in buildings at RWTH Aachen University, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, ETH Zürich and Empa.

During our research at the Automatic Control Laboratory at ETH Zürich and the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at Empa, we have developed sample- and optimization-efficient methods to generate thermal building models for predictive control. The resulting controller saves 20-40% of energy compared to state-of-industry controllers while improving comfort – and it only requires 1-2 weeks of measurement data to be operational.

As heating and cooling of buildings is responsible for a significant percentage of the global CO2 emissions, we aim to bring predictive control to as many residential and non-residential buildings as possible to have a significant impact on climate crisis mitigation. Besides saving energy and CO2, efficient predictive controllers will be key to demand response schemes and resilient building operation in the future. 

Meet our team!

Felix Bünning


Dr. sc. ETH Zürich, experience from world-leading research labs, expert on building automation.

“Get stuff done.”
Benjamin Huber


M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich, PSI & Empa, industry experience in project management.

“Plan it right.”
Matthias Sulzer


Experienced serial entrepreneur in building energy, including IPO, networked in building and energy industry in CH, EU, US.

“See the bigger picture.”
Nicolas Lefebure

Control Engineer

M.Sc. in Controls and Mechatronics, expert on predictive and distributed building control.

José Diaz

Senior Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer, expert for cloud software and CI/CD.